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Now accepting applications for first grade and second grade.

Posts by Sarah Riggle

Montessori At Home: Respect All Aspects of Your Child’s Life

by Sarah Riggle, Program Coordinator The following are tips for parents on how to integrate the Montessori philosophy into your home life. This can become a part of a growth and independence mindset, a way to holistically raise your child that is rooted in respect and care. Keep in mind that “care” does not mean…

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New Fundraiser Through January 2021: Boon Supply

Westshore families, rejoice! There is now a source for high-quality gifts and accessories that ALSO helps our students thrive. Boon Supply, a new but strong player in microfunding and charitable funding, was started in 2017 with a collection from Mixed Bag Designs. Since then they have grown to contribute over $100 million to schools and…

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The smallest bit helps.

You have to shop. Why not give back while you do? There are multiple ways you can help out the school with your every-day shopping habits: Amazon Smile – .5% of every eligible purchase donated Amazon Charity List – NEW! Search for Westshore’s Charity List and see the classroom supplies we need right now –…

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Montessori and Learning Styles

In many of the lessons used in the Montessori Classroom, we appeal to the variety of learning styles a child might have – visual, kinetic, rational, etc. You might have heard of these types as Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” When he first theorized about multiple intelligences in 1983, Howard Gardner was writing about something…

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