Westshore Montessori School

The West Side’s Premier Montessori School Specializing In
Early Childhood Development.

Early Childhood Specialists

As the west side’s premier Montessori preschool, specializing in early childhood development, Westshore Montessori understands the importance of a strong educational foundation. Lifelong learning skills, character development and independent thinking are the ABC’s of our program.

Multi-age groupings are the basis of the Montessori Method: younger children learn from older children; older children reinforce their mastery of previously learned concepts by teaching younger children. This arrangement also imitates the real world where adults work and socialize with people of all ages and dispositions.

A Peaceful and Happy Environment

The beautiful, inviting and thoughtfully arranged environments at Westshore Montessori school embodies each element of Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach.

Natural lighting, soft colors and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm.

Everything is where it is supposed to be, conveying a sense of harmony and order that both comforts and inspires each child to do their best, help their classmates and find the joy of learning.

What is a true Montessori Education?

Since 1966 Westshore Montessori school has helped families raise children who are confident, caring and excited to learn.

Here, the child is at the center of the learning environment and through careful observation the teacher helps him develop cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Our individualized approach with the use of concrete self correcting materials, reinforces learning through repetition and internal feelings of success.


Our Programs

Your child will benefit from our experienced, caring, compassionate and dedicated teachers. You’ll be building a strong foundation that will facilitate your child’s entry into the (1st grade of the) public or private school of your choice. All of this is available to you for less than the cost of a typical daycare.

Parent Toddler

Age: 16mo – 2 Years
Class Size: 6

An introduction to the Montessori classroom for the young child. This program is designed for children age 1.5 to 2.5 years along with their parent, guardian or caregiver. Classes are one hour a week for six week sessions.


Age: 3 Years – 6 Years
Class Size: 24

The Primary program serves children age 3 to 6, preschool through Kindergarten. This program is a half-day Montessori program for preschool children and full day for Kindergarten it is offered five days a week during the school year.


Age: 2 Years – 3 Years
Class Size: 12

The Toddler program serves children ages 2.5 to 3.5 years and, through Montessori methods, is designed to foster exploration, independence and facilitate the transition from a home to school environment. Two- ,three- and five day options are available. The program operates on a school year schedule.

Before & After Care

Age: 3 Years – 6 Years
Class Size: 24

Before and after care provides students the opportunity to participate in crafts, story time, outdoor play and indoor games which enrich their time in loving home like environment.

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