• WESTSHORE MONTESSORI ASSOCIATION TRUSTEE  Prospective Board Member Questionnaire

    What do you hope to achieve as a member of this organization’s board of trustees?  Be honest as you answer the following questions.  It will help you to understand the commitments you will be expected to meet as a board member.

  • What I Expect:



    Consider your willingness to meet these responsibilities:


    1. Preparation

    Educate myself about the school, its history and goals, its strengths and weaknesses, and the people we serve.

    Stay current with national, state, and local issues that affect the school and the people it serves.

    Educate myself on the roles and responsibilities of the full board, as well as for individual board members.


    2. Attendance & Participation:

    Attend all regular meetings of the Board of Trustees. See Schedule of Meetings.

    Make a best effort to attend all special meetings of the BoT.

    Review the meeting agenda and come prepared for discussion.

    Serve on at least one committee.

    Encourage parent involvement on committees, when advisable.

    Consider taking on the position of chairperson.

    If the chairperson of a committee, have a prepared report ready.

    Understand the issues before voting.

    Be an active participant in the school’s activities.

    Be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supporter of the school.

    Be an advocate of the school.

    Participate in discussions at board and committee meetings.  

    Recognize that I am a member of a board and administrator team.

    3. Commitment to Fundraising:

    Make personal donations of either time or money.

    Invite others to donate. Involvement with our Annual Fundraising Plan.

    Attend functions hosted by the association or school.

    4. Trustee Conduct and Duties:

    Conduct yourself in a manner that will maintain the good reputation of WMA.

    Be familiar with the Code of Regulations, Parent Handbook, and pertinent policies.

    Understand your fiduciary obligations/duties: Care, Loyalty, Compliance, and Accounts.  

    5. Time Commitment

    Attend board orientation and board education sessions.

    Attend board meetings, committee meetings, and school events and activities.

    Perform assigned work before meetings, which includes reading the meeting agenda and support materials.

    6. Constraints and Limitations

    Support board decisions once they are made, even if I voted against a specific action.

      Avoid conflicts

    *Additional encouragements:

    Share your network when applicable.
    Invite others to learn about our school.