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A Surprising Favorite Game: Learning Geometric Solids

Written by Directress Cindy Genin Do any of you remember the game, Guess Who? It was one of my favorite games when I was younger. How about the game Headbands? This is a game that is fun for the whole family. In all of our classrooms, we have two very similar works on the shelves; the Mystery Bag and Guessing Game. The Sensorial…

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Sound Games Come First in Montessori

Child spelling words with letter blocks - Westshore Montessori School

Written by Directress Monica Dieter Contrary to popular belief, a child’s knowledge of letter-sound relationship is far more important than his or her ability to name letters or recite the alphabet. A child can easily memorize the names of objects or letter symbols, but that does not mean they can use that information to later…

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Celebrating Holidays in the Montessori Classroom

Child working with scissors - Westshore Montessori School

Written by Directress Denise Pawlukiewicz Our school community is made up of diverse cultures, ethnicities and traditions. With that in mind, our approach to holiday celebrations is very simple. We prepare our room in advance of the holiday, talk to the children about the event, and then celebrate in a manner appropriate for a toddler.…

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Work and Play in Montessori

“The children in our schools have proved to us that their real wish is to be always at work —a thing never before suspected.  Just as no one had ever before noticed the child’s power of choosing his work spontaneously. Following an inner guide, the children busied themselves with something (different for each)which gave them…

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Montessori and Learning Styles

In many of the lessons used in the Montessori Classroom, we appeal to the variety of learning styles a child might have – visual, kinetic, rational, etc. You might have heard of these types as Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences.” When he first theorized about multiple intelligences in 1983, Howard Gardner was writing about something…

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Ms. Jessica Reflects on Another Fantastic Summer Program

Dear Parents,  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us this summer! Each and every child brought a very special element to our program. The children were able to share their knowledge, their personalities and their opportunities with peers from every classroom at Westshore Montessori.  Because of…

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Joining the Toddler Classroom

Contributed by Denise Pawlukiewicz, Toddler Classroom Lead Teacher Parents often ask me what they can expect when their children join the Toddler class. The simple answer is that even I don’t know what to expect from year to year, since every child and every class is unique. Of course, this is part of the joy…

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Allowing Opportunities For Movement

Written by Maren Schmidt on March 8th, 2015 A kid’s got to move.  Observing a few minutes at a playground will attest to that.  You don’t see children sitting around if they have the chance to run, jump, climb, or skip.  Children are in a sensitive period of development for movement from birth to about age five-and-a-half.…

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